ACU-130 is a cost effective, high security, highly configurable Door Access Controller. It was designed to work under different configurations that cater to the different needs of customer.

Under standard configuration, the user tap card to enter and press the exit button to exit normally. Under high security configuration, any enclosed zone (even a zone within a zone) can be designated an Anti-Passback Zone where both entry and exit are controlled. Any card tap in, must be tap out. If not, the card cannot be used to enter the zone again.

  • Support Contactless Smart Card (PS21 card version is also available).
  • High Reliability. No wear and tear.
  • High capacity. Support up to 8,000 staff per door and total 40,000 records.
  • High flexibility. Supports multiple card types and upto 32 time zones.
  • Very high throughput.
  • High security with anti-passback and individual programmable PIN.
  • Easy connectivity: USB-to-RS485.
  • Ethernet version also available (model: ACU-130N).
Door Access Controller: ACU-130

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